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    19 inch 3U rack containing 2 preamps and 2 equalizers from a Trident TRIMIX of the 70s ON Demand

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    Production time 3 weeks
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    2U rack containing 2 Preamplifier/Filter/Eaqualizer Neve 81 from an 8108 console from the 80s Recapped modules Internal power supply including 48V phantom Each channel has one microphone input and one balanced line input on XLRVariable frequency low cut and high cut filters 4-band parametric equalizer HiZ input via front panel jack Master volume Input...

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    Replica of the equalizer of NEVE 8108 consoles in API 500 format (compatible with X51 format) The warmth of this legendary equalizer available in hardware. The input and output are balanced at the line level. The compatibility with the x51 format allows the equalizer to operate with -/+18V tensions as on the console thanks to the regulators on the board.

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    This is the Deluxe version of the Mixbuss SSL4000 compressor. The stereo compressor has all the options/improvements of the famous GSSL compressor. The design of the electronic boards has been completely redesigned by Labo K Effects.The switches used are Grayhill switches known for their high quality and durability.The frequency dosing potentiometers in...

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    Rack 19 for 500 format modules Compatible with X51 and K551X Integrated power supply

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