Siemmens W77 clone PCB

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Gain selector for Siemens V77 preamp

Original Siemens W77 Selector Clone

  • 6 ways, 4 pole Grayhill selector
  • 0dB - 10dB - 25dB - 40dB - 50dB - 60dB

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This kit allows to realize the attenuation of input and amplification gain for the V77 series tube preamps of the brands Siemens, Telefunken, IRT, TAB.

This card takes care of the attenuation of the input signal, thus making it possible to adapt the various microphones or line level devices to the input sensitivity of the preamp.

A high-quality 6-position selector lets you select the gain of the preamp.

  The 6 gain values are:

  0dB, + 10dB, + 25dB, + 40dB, + 50dB + 60dB.