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Malotki V71 PSU KIT

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This kit allows to feed up to 2 preamps MALOTKI V71

High voltage regulated power supply 280V DC

6V AC filament power supply

Minimum housing height = 2U

Available in PCB, Complete Kit or Mounted tested

The transformers are sold separately.

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Power Transformer

Transfos V71 PSU Kit
49,00 €

60,00 €

0.24 lb

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This power supply provides the +280V voltage as well as the heating voltage for the Malotki V71 lamp preamps.

It needs 2 transformers (not supplied).

The first transforms 220V (or 110V) AC into 6V AC and heats the filaments of the lamps.

The second transforms the 6V AC into 220V AC to be isolated from the mains and then attacks the High Voltage regulator which will provide the 280V DC to supply the V71.

it is possible if desired to regulate the supply voltage of the filaments.

it will be necessary to use 220V (or 110V) AC / 9V AC transformers and install the optional components on the Kit.

Minimum housing height = 2U

This feed can be used to feed V72 clones.